If you are looking for a nice and warm accommodation alternative that is renowned for its crazy winds, indispensable town for surfing and fun, Alaçatı has been designed with a simple elegance, Hotel Rüzgaralti Alaçatı is for you.
Rüzgaralttı’s natural, healthy and delicious breakfasts are served in a peaceful green garden on the terrace. When you wake up, you will find fabulous pancakes, traditional cheeses, a variety of sun-dried home-made jams, fresh fruit juices, lemons and more.


Rüzgarlatı Hotel is surrounded by giant pine trees from four sides and is surrounded by rare green spaces. You will find a unique comfort in the Hotel Rüzgaralti where you can experience the pleasure of waking up to the freshest and coolest pine scent in Alacati’s largest suites.

Hotel windsurfing, Alaçatı in the center of walking distance to the surf 2, Ilıca’ya 1 km. In the distance, Çamlık is one of the rare places on the road, where there is no parking problem.

Alaçatı is a natural playground for kite and wind surfers with its wide, coastal waters and breeze from the Aegean Sea. You can also see this wind in May, September and October. The breeze is a strong, constant wind that is best suited for kite surfers. At the same time, 25 days a month during the summer is reliable. Typical wind conditions are 16-26 nat.



In the summers, the breeze wind starts at 10: 00-11: 00 in the morning and continues until the afternoon until 4-5. Little kite days!

Apart from the season the wind changes more, but the weather is also warm in April, May, October and November. Even in December the conditions for kitesurf are perfect. There are many places in Cesme where you can spare time with free style and perfect points for wave surfing.

We recommend June and September for kitesurf because the weather is perfect and the weather is sunny and warm. At the same time you can live a calmer life with cheaper accommodation these months.

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